The Little Book Of Greatness

a parable about unlocking your destiny

The Little Book Of Greatness is the story of a man who is overwhelmed. This man, David, goes to a scene from his youth to contemplate life. While there he meets an older man who sends him on a quest for answers. Join David as he learns about the 5 Keys To Greatness while facing his own mortality. As David meets each keyholder, he learns another part of the system that lasts a lifetime. The simple, easy-to-remember system that will help you unlock your destiny, achieve your dreams, and live your best life.

Excerpts from Amazon Reviews


It is encouraging to find an author who, sensitive to our times, presents a positive future. We all need to read this book!
Grady Harp

Love this…[in us] exists the keys to greatness. Powerful read.

One of the great things about this story is the simplicity. However the greatest thing about this book is its practicality.
Kevin Wilson

Great motivational book…Definitely would recommend.
Maryna Aloshyna

I absolutely loved this book! The book is a beautiful reminder of the wisdoms of living your best life…The book is honestly a classic and serves as a helpful tool on how to navigate a successful, giving, purpose driven life.

I enjoyed reading this book. It holds a lot of truth and is written in an engaging way. I believe all readers…will enjoy this read.
A. Christensen

…found this similar to Robin Sharma – a mix of personal development with a modern parable.

Great little motivational book.
Tim Bohr


…most people will relate to [it]…precise guidance to help the reader cut through the noise and to discover their purpose and pursue it.

Well-written parable for those on the spiritual or self-improvement path…well written and easy to read, while poetic and even inspirational…this book reminds me the most of The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho…
Diane NH

Eloquently enunciated story that unfolds itself through a gripping tale…soulful and riveting book that can be read again.
Pat Mitchell

I like how the story was embedded with lessons…much more relevant and meaningful.
Suzy Kelly

Excellent, powerful, concise guide to bringing out the best, truest parts of you. Highly recommend the book and author.

…powerful message…delivered with great candor and truth.
Martez Andrews II

…an inspirational book with a great message…full of hope and motivates the reader to grab life with both hands. Highly recommend.


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