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Matt McAvoy

This contemporary parable might in fact better be described as a fictionalized self-help book, which is even complete with exercises woven cleverly into the story itself. Its objective is clear: not just to inform, but to subtly coach the reader, drawing you into the role and thought process of David, the pupil of the tale. You can certainly imagine that Ari Gunzburg has compiled into a creative narrative the resources and materials of the motivational presentations and workshops he gives in the real world – and he does so tremendously well; Ari is every bit as good an author as he is an inspirational mentor.

Grady Harp

'Remember your greatness within...let it our in the world'

Maryland author Ari Gunzburg is devoted to encouraging hope and inspiration to a world in need! His message is transmitted through his international motivational speaking engagements, his podcast ‘Way To Greatness,’ through his excellent children’s books, the company MindSpark that he founded, and now he addresses adults with THE LITTLE BOOK OF GREATNESS – a very fine way to discover Ari’s message of hope and change to people interested in personal development.

Lianna Albrizio

This inspiring little book elicits the strength in us all to escape our problems, search for solutions, and discover our greatness.

Maxine W

Unlock Your Destiny

An interesting read to find your way to unlock the great you and your destiny. The writer uses a parable to highlight how one can see thing differently and get to one’s greatness. I highly recommend.