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Ari Gunzburg

Author / Keynote Speaker / Coach / Podcast Host
If it’s outdoors, you can probably find Ari Gunzburg doing it. From scuba diving to paddle boarding, hiking to rock climbing, caving to kayaking, and many sports in between, Ari loves the outdoors for the life-changing adventures, true introspection, and natural healing it provides.
Ari went through a lot growing up, from a tragic moment as a young child, to partying and using drugs as a teenager, to run-ins with police, and more. These moments sparked a chain reaction of positivity and growth as Ari slowly turned his life around and began working to create lasting impact in the world. Today, Ari uses the wisdom and strength forged through these experiences to empower others to unlock their own everyday greatness.
As an award-winning speakerwriter, and coach,  Ari uses his expertise on engagement and wellness to bring a greater sense of belonging to conferences, board rooms, and beyond, inspiring people to unleash their greatest selves. Ari uses captivating stories of the great outdoors to help others find the power of being radically engaged and a part of something. Ari continues to crack the code on human connection, helping people seek real belonging and real community using his essential framework, The 5 Keys To Greatness.